Wanted: Forum administrator and community builder!

Hi folks,

The Tricorder project has received an incredible amount of attention since being launched a few weeks ago. Already we’re on the cusp of 100,000 unique visitors, a quarter million page views, and a positively overwhelming yet still overflowing inbox. It was very much my hope when I created the Tricorder project website that I would get folks excited enough about Science Tricorders that they’d want to build their own, make modifications, and share their experiences with a community of folks broadly interested in science education and learning more about the world around them.

I think all of this has happened, or is happening now. Inexpensive PCB’s usually take a few weeks to get fabricated and shipped, and I just packed up the Tricorder contest prizes this weekend for shipping, so it’s possible that within the next month or so we’ll start seeing Tricorders out in the wild. This is incredibly exciting! To help foster this — encouraging folks interested in building Tricorders, sharing modifications, build experiences, and stories using Tricorders — I think it’s important to help incubate a community. And that starts with an active and healthy forum community.

To do this, I need your help. I’m looking for an experienced forum administrator who wants to help build and shepherd the communication between a community of nerdy Science Tricorder builders. Currently the forum uses phpBB (though I’m very happy to entertain other ideas), and is in an unhappy state from spambots and a very well meaning but inexperienced administrator who accidentally erased parts of the forum attempting to rid it of spam. You are friendly, creative, and excited to volunteer a little of your time for science! 🙂

If you’re interested, please send me a note at peter at tricorderproject.org describing a little bit about yourself, and how you’d help build and incubate an online community of Science Tricorder builders! (Please include “FORUM” in the subject line when e-mailing).

thanks! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Forum administrator and community builder!

  1. Hey Kojote, I just sent around an e-mail to a couple of the folks who’d applied yesterday afternoon. If you’re interested, there’s still plenty of time to apply and to jump in on our discussion.

  2. Hey Peter,

    Love the project (saw it on Hackaday last month). I was noticing your forum spam problem, and thought I’d float a suggestion by you and your admins. The SpamHammer mod for phpBB by Dangerous Prototypes was developed for profoundly similar purposes to keep spambots out. Over at NBitWonde we make use of it to help prevent spambots from overwhelming our forums pretty successfully. Here are some links about that for you to investigate:


    Good luck! 🙂
    –George Hadley

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