2 thoughts on “Update: Arducorder Mini Prototype Video

  1. Thanks! Sorry to be very slow to respond to your last e-mail about the CT scanner and spectrometers. How is your CT scanner coming? You know what I’ve been working on… 🙂

    The Hamamatsu C12666MA spectrometer is beautiful, very tiny, and the only chip-scale spectrometer that I’m aware of that’s actually made it to market. For such an instrument It’s inexpensive (in a relative sense) at around $250, but this about doubles the BOM cost of the Arducorder Mini, with the other big players being the low resolution thermal imager ($70) and radiation sensor ($70). Thankfully the sensor boards are all modular, so you could probably build a base unit with the motherboard and some of the less expensive sensor boards for a BOM under $200, and have the advanced ones as optional.

    I’ve actually thought of making an inexpensive “slim” version that has only a single sensor board occupying where the spectrometer board currently occupies, with most of the low profile / less expensive sensors on it. It’d be a good starter unit, about half as thick, and likely about half to a third the BOM cost… You’d just have to live without knowing whether you passed near any radioactive things lately…. if you call that living 🙂

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