Rent a Tricorder on a Satellite!

I had the opportunity to grab dinner and swap stories with the ArduSat folks a few weeks ago, and I’m happy to hear that they’re most of the way into their Kickstarter campaign only a few days into it!

The ArduSat is a nano satellite loaded with sensors connected to Arduino microcontrollers. Students, schools, or regular old nerds can use their satellite to take pictures or upload their own experiments, all for only a few hundred bucks. The thing that gets me most excited about the ArduSat is that it brings space science into the reach of everyday folks for the first time. I’m itching to see what comes next.

Kind of a nerdy thing to admit, but in middle school my buddies and I used to spend hours drawing and designing our own middle school grade space probes for interstellar exploration. I’m pretty sure that there were serious arguments about whether cast iron was an acceptable satellite constructing material. My job was designing the solar sails — if the ArduSat folks ever want to cruise their next satellite towards Mars, I’d be happy to design the warp core!

Check out their video, and help support (and participate!) in some of the first open space science!

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