Make Hardware Innovation Workshop: CNET’s Article

The MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop was fantastic. It was great to meet so many interested folks, let people play with Tricorders at Xerox PARC, and listen to some great talks. I wish I could have made it both days!

CNET’s Daniel Terdiman dropped by the Tricorder project at the showcase portion of the evening, and wrote an article about The Real Business of the DIY Movement.

If there’s one thing that I took from the night, it’s how excited folks get at the idea of having their own Science Tricorders, and the idea of placing them in kids hands — so that the kids who grow up today will be as fluent (at least at a conceptual level) with a broad palette of science as the kids who grew up recently are with computers. I really have to get these in peoples hands. And I’m excited and humbled that there are so many folks who want to help make that happen. Thanks again to Dale Dougherty for inviting me!

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