Forbes Article: Social Medicine is the Next Big Thing After Social Media

There’s a great article over in Forbes this morning by Mark P. Mills about Medical Tricorders, Scanadu, and the Tricorder project entitled Tricorder Update — Social Medicine is the Next Big Thing After Social Media. From the article:

You want a vision for the future of health care? Don’t look to policymakers and regulators. Look to innovators and innovations. Look to San Diego’s wireless mesas and San Francisco’s silicon valleys. Look at Scanadu’s protean medical Tricorder. They get it, and it’s awesome. Watch their one-and-a-half-minute video before reading on.

Scanadu’s vision embraces patient-centric healthcare as a personal information service, in your control – in your hands – amplified by the Cloud. It is the key to unleashing the power of social medicine. Welcome to the future of healthcare.

Of course we can already use social media whether at Facebook [NASDAQ:FB] or its health-centric imitators like PatientsLikeMe to “friend” within a subject domain (symptoms, questions). But what we hunger for is hard facts about our personal medical problem that we can share with the best medical expertise. Enter Scanadu and the Tricorder.
Scanadu is competing for the Qualcomm [NASDAQ:QCOM] Tricorder X-Prize I wrote about earlier this year. (See New Era of Metadata Medicine) The underlying DNA of Scanadu is illuminated by the newest member of their impressive team, Canadian Peter Jansen, a polymath with a background in astro and optical physics, cognitive artificial intelligence, and medical imaging. Jansen’s talents speak volumes about the kind of imaging and information processing that will change the face of medicine. Jansen says “medicine must become an information science.”

You can read the full article here. Thanks Mark!

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