shape and form

Designed by a pretty dorky grad student (and the star of the video), they’ve been everywhere from in the hands of a Canadian astronaut to inside a men’s room over in the physics building at McMaster that had a luring “danger — high magnetic fields” sign on the door. And now, after a bunch of nights playing with the Nikon D5000, the video is done! It looks wonderful, and I’m very happy with it.

I think the Adobe creative suite is one of my favorite sets of programs, with Illustrator being near the top. In the video (and in the pictures on the page) I’m using one of my favorite images from Digital Blasphemy, an amazing digital artwork and background website. As much as I’d love to, because I couldn’t distribute with the Tricorder source (you’ll have to download it yourself), I had the perfect opportunity to open up Illustrator and play for a few minutes to create a Tricorder background.

This is the result, a fun orange/lime themed image. I had the graphical style in my head from my last entry into the Ludum Dare 48 hour game competition, although that took far more time to draw. I’d thought about rendering it at 320×200 and turning it into a Tricoder-sized background too, on a rainy day: